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Branch pipe of refrigerating fittings

Production Description:

The branch pipe is made of high-quality copper pipe. Our common refrigerator and all kinds of refrigeration appliances require the copper tube connection to achieve the effect of refrigeration. So the installation of the fluorine machine in central air-conditioning is also used to achieve the cooling effect by the connection of copper tube.And the branch pipe is to connect these copper tubes, connect each indoor unit. It can be seen that the branch tube is very important for the installation and operation of the central air conditioning. Its function is to connect the indoor unit with the copper tube so that the refrigerant can be circulated in the copper tube to achieve the effect of refrigeration and heat transfer.



Compact design and low weight

High efficient in moisture absorption and filtering impurity

Hybrid desiccant

Solid filter

Filtering Fineness:100

Connection type: solder



-          Standard: JISH3300:1997,GB/T17791-2007,ASTM B280

-          Top quality copper material C1220/SF-Cu/C12000

-          Material pipe made by EXTRUSION process, perfect size tolerance.

-          All pipes are checked by on line Eddy Current Inspection to ensure all the pipes are qualified products.

-          Smooth and clean Outer/inner surface, no smudge and rust.

-          Well brazed and all pass pressure test.

-          Long service life and recyclable.



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