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45 degree Copper Pipe Fitting
Air Conditoining Pipeline System
Branch pipe of refrigerating fittings
Standard thread brass hose pipe fitting
Brass Connector/Joint/Coupling
Auto A/C Swivel Reducing Adapters Kit
Foldable air conditioner wall mounting bracket for ac spare parts
Centrifugal impeller-Nature Color
Axial Impeller-Deep Green
Black Solid Magnetic Ring
Coiled Copper Tube
Insulated Air Conditioner Copper Tubing
Insulation Copper Connecting Pipe
steel-shell motor for split air-IDU
DC motor for split air-ODU
steel-shell motor for the zenith of central air conditioner
Coil casing motor for commercial air-Indoor
Access Valve
Electronic Expansion Valve
Service valve/Stop Valve
Thermostatic Expansion Valve
Evaporative Air Cooler
Hanging type air conditioner


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