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New Convertible Commercial Air conditioner Chiller Outdoor Indoor Unit  CAC PAC HCAC Office Shop Hotel Certificated
Full DC inverter rotary compressors
Max.16 units combined in one system
Refrigerant cooling driver module technology
Modbus function
Max. Ambient temperature 53℃
Max. Hot water outlet temperature 55℃
Big-wave shape on both sides to embody multiple levels design, Ultra thin visually;
Appearance without screw, easy care;
Minimum Sound Pressure level (7.1kW) up to 34dB(A)leading in the industry;
Intelligent sensor (optional)
Switch-on when people coming in;
Switch-off when people leaving;
Turbo mode 4.2m(12.5/14kW) which is
convenience for installation choice
Thank you
Royals Technology Group

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